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VRPhotoshop Tools : AutoSheet Designer

VRPhotoshopTools is an efficient  Auto and Manual album making software for Photographers,Designers and Studio peoples which is  support...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

VRPhotoshop Tools : AutoSheet Designer

VRPhotoshopTools is an efficient Auto and Manual album making software for Photographers,Designers and Studio peoples which is  supports Adobe Photoshop CS3 and above all versions of Photoshop for create stunning and beautiful album sheets with multiple options with handy tools.

  • Easy Understandable UI (User Interface)
  • Multiple Photoshop versions Support
  • Apply Custom Backgrounds and Frames
  • Auto Color Correction
  • Apply Actions for each and every Images 
  • Enlargement and Wedding Fx
  • Semi Creative Gap Models
  • Theme Design.

Product Details :
   Very Easy to make digital Album Sheets with few clicks in Photoshop.

Source & Prints :
Give Customer Folder path and Output Folder path to Save Files (Browse or Copy-Paste path).

Backgrounds :
1) Custom Backgrounds select anyfolder from anywhere
2) Random Background Select (while processing)
3) Changed Backgrounds every sheet or Selected Sheet numbers

Frames: Two Type of Frames with Options are Available
1) Saved Frames (Pre Designed Frames, just give folder path only)
2) Stroke Type Frames (Software Created Automatically.Settings are also available)

1) Random Frames Select (Saved Frames, while processing)
2) Changed Frames every sheet or Selected Sheet number (Saved Frames)
3) MoveAllFrames LeftSide,RightSide,Top and BottomSIde (BothFrames)
4) Set Around Margin Level (BothFrames)
5) Set CenterGap Between the Frames (BothFrames)
6) MoveFrames Horizontally n Vertically

General Settings:
1) Sizes :
12x8, 12x10, 15x10, 15x12, 18x12,
24x8, 24x10, 30x10, 30x12, 36x12
with Floating Points for Convera Type Album Supports
2) Resolution: upto 400 dpi
3) SaveFormats : Jpg,Psd,Tga,Tif, PsdwithJpg,PsdwithTga
4) AfterProcessing : Quit Application or Shutdown the System.

SaveSettings :
Save all settings with .asd file and reload
also can load settings while ASD initializing...

Extra Options : (Each one has multiple Advanced Settings)
1) ColorCorrections (it has more settings)
2) ActionWorking  (it has more settings)
3) Enlargements Working (it has more settings)
4) (a) SideGaps Working  (b) SideGaps with Images (it has more settings)
5) Themes Support (it has more settings)
Extras has lot of settings with each and every one Options like
ColorCorrect,Actions,Enlargements,SideGaps,SideGaps with Designs,
and Themes(you can create own theme with little macro...)

Some Screen Shots :

Saturday, March 15, 2014

VR Photoshop Tool (Place Water Mark) is a batch processing Application for Photographer.
This software is designed only for Insert Your Logo into your valuable Images for prevent others.
This softwate has fully supported with Adobe Photoshop CS6. I tested only with CS6 not others.

now you can download from Here

Requirement :
Adobe Photoshop CS6
DonNet Framework 4.5

have any doubt please conduct me :)